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830 VHF Dipole Antenna
Comprod Communications

The 830-series lightweight VHF dipole antenna is made with high-grade aluminum and features a field-adjustable pattern for directional or omnidirectional coverage. The antenna is direct current (DC) grounded for lightning protection and dissipation of static buildup, and external cable harnesses are triple-reinforced against water migration. The product is available with two elements with 3 – 6 decibel (dB) gain relative to a dipole (dBd) or four elements with 6 – 9 dBd gain.

MAX Dispatch Console

The IP-based MAX Dispatch integrates a full range of tools and resources into a single console system, giving dispatchers instant access to information they need from a single, centralized user interface. The system can be set up to display information pertinent to an incident only when it’s needed, and it supports mobile, remote and geographically diverse operations. The product is built to support current operations and adapt as operations change over time.

MTP800Ex Radio
Motorola Solutions

The MTP8000Ex series is a digital two-way TETRA ATEX radio designed for use in potentially explosive environments. The radio features class 3L transmit power, enhanced receiver sensitivity, a color-changing indicator that notifies users when coverage is available, and support for wired and wireless connectivity. The company also released an ATEX-certified active noise canceling (ANC) remote speaker microphone (RSM) accessory to pair with the device.

NX-5000 Portables

Kenwood USA, Communications Sector

NX-5000 series portables and mobiles allow users to operate in Project 25 (P25) Phases 1 and 2 and NEXEDGE digital, conventional, trunked and analog modes. Ideal for a phased migration to digital, the portables feature built-in GPS, 56-bit data encryption standard (DES) encryption and a Bluetooth module that enables hands-free operation.


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